The Company

The Company

The Past, Present & Future

We are thinkers, innovators, creators, designers. We are people who nurture a deep appreciation for art, nature, and aesthetic. We are people with a history of talent and intuition.

45 years ago, by happenstance, a wise man laid down the foundation of a lighting company. As small as it may be, and however limited the finances, the one thing you could be assured of was quality. The quality of his work was soon appreciated. This small enterprise opened up to new boundaries and, maintaining the same high standards, it became a company that constantly expanded.

We, his sons, found this business to be the perfect mode of expression of all that we stand for, of all that creativity and art that lay dormant within us. Taking up the reins after him, we began to experiment with myriad designs, all this while upholding the promise of uncompromised quality. Today, we run the company eager to pursue the original philosophy, also combining it with innovation.

Full of enthusiasm and ideas, this family business has now developed to include the most skilled craftsmen who are the driving force of what makes our products as distinguished as they are. Working in harmony as one cohesive unit, we manufacture and sell lighting fixtures that we are downright proud of - products that have kept our clientele just as satisfied. We pride ourselves in the fact that the entire process is executed in-house, from the conceptualising to the finishing of the product, in a state-of-the-art factory located not far from Mumbai, India.

We hope to keep alive this family tradition and the brand, guided by the principles of quality and personality for a long time to come. Someday, our next of kin would perceive it as nothing short of an honour to be bestowed with the responsibility of keeping the soul of Brand Abby as pulsating as it is today, all the while tackling continuous market challenges.

Our Mission

Achieving the highest customer satisfaction by providing lighting solutions which are energy efficient with a good design is our mission and goal.

Our Logo

"The only time you should ever look back, is to see how far you've come."

Exploring with this thought for a while, you realise that there is another, less obvious, meaning to it: the only way forward is up.

This is the essence of Abby's new logo, whose simplistic design does its best to convey this notion. We believe that it is the duty of every logo to encapsulate the single most important value of the entity it represents, and ours does so in the most succinct way possible. So here's to not mere change, but progress, being the only constant.

Our Products

We offer a full range of products, which include pendants, spots & accents, track lights, lighting systems and exterior light fixtures.

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Technology & Innovation

Innovation is the essence of our heritage. We constantly push boundaries to create contemporary products and designs which are inspired by architectural trends & advancing technologies.

The Internet Of Things (IOT) is the next industrial revolution, and forms the backbone of smart lighting. A firm believer of this new wave of technology connecting devices, people and places, we have ventured into the world of intelligent lighting, and are gradually making our presence felt.

Our Quality

The ABBY brand is synonymous with quality, and we are always striving to better our services towards our customers. While there might be some who merely talk about quality, we dedicate every department to this task, and it is a personal commitment of every Abby employee to uphold it.

This process begins with a complete understanding of our customer’s requirement, offering an effective design solution with competitive pricing, and ultimately ensuring on-time deliveries with zero defects.

Our ISO 9001: 2015 certified production facility offers flexibility to produce highly complex lighting solutions that meet specifiers’ technical and aesthetic requirements.

Our Bespoke Solutions

One of Abby's key strengths is our ability to design & manufacture bespoke solutions where the customer sets the brief and we apply our skills to interpret. The customer’s needs and how we resolve them is the engine of our creativity. These only serve to hone our expertise.

Our projects span across a host of spaces - from offices to educational institutions, hospitality, banking to retail projects. Every project that we undertake is unique with its own set of challenges and requirements. With complete in-house manufacturing, we offer a full range of products, which include pendants, spots & accents, track lights, lighting systems and exterior light fixtures. We have the capability to create custom solutions by modifying design, material or finish. Each product is supported with photometric verification to help you with your light planning.

Abby’s purpose-built factory (SMT lines, pressure die casting, spinning, profile cutting, powder coating and various other CNC operations like bending, cutting, and turning) along with a motivated and trained workforce are synchronized to near perfection. Our implementation of lean manufacturing yields a high degree of precision and productivity. With Integrated manufacturing processes, we have complete control over our commitments on quality and deliveries.

Our Culture

The very strength of Abby is founded on our tenets of honesty, integrity, and commitment. These values are an integral part of who we are, what we are and what we stand for. We are people inspired by creativity and innovation, who seek to incorporate it not only in our designs, but also in our methods and day-to-day thinking.

Environment & Sustainability

As much as we focus on our design and on our customer, we pay equal attention to sustainable practices. We realize more than ever the immediate need to conserve our already-struggling environment, and, amongst other signficant measures, all our machinery is energy-effcient and routinely checked to ensure the same.

As part of our commitment, our internal operations are regularly monitored & optimized to reduce any adverse impact on the environment.

Investing in cleaner technologies, effective recycling measures, conservation of natural resources, are some of the best practices which are followed stringently.

Being one of the pioneers in the country in LED manufacturing, we take pride in converting a lot of of our customers to the usage of LED lighting, thus reducing the carbon footprint & contributing to a greener environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Abby’s core strength is its people and their well being. We believe that charity begins at home, and by investing in our own people, we are doing our considerable bit for society.

Our manufacturing unit is situated in a small town called Palghar, a few hours’ drive from Mumbai. Young men and women from this town are employed with us, most of them with very basic education. We make them undergo training on various machines and other associated jobs thus making them employable.

Abby has, over time, grown enriched by these people who are happy, productive, intelligent & curious.

India is plagued by child labor issues and the government is putting a lot of effort towards curbing these practices. We attach particular importance to this menace and ensure no such practice is prevalent in our premise. Further, we encourage our employees to educate their children, by granting loans and sponsorships for their higher education.