Together with our partners, Abby Lighting offers Robust and Reliable Smart Lighting Solutions.
Wireless Mesh Technology

Abby Lighting, always at the helm of embracing new technologies, has partneredwith global players covering the entire spectrum of Smart & Connected Lighting.

Connected lighting is a whole new way of controlling and experiencing light. The solutions deliver business value and insight by leveraging advanced sensors and analytics that drive efficiency and enable occupant controllability.

Lighting being an omnipresent infrastructure, data/information can be used for various applications like:

  1. Smart space management
  2. Indoor climate monitoring
  3. Predictive maintenance
  4. Asset tracking/management
  5. Indoor GPS positioning for navigation, etc.

Wireless lighting controls are based on Mesh Network technology, resulting in no single point of failure and a flat hierarchical system architecture thus making it an ideal and true retrofit solution.

The solution is specifically engineered to be safe, robust and scalable, making it perfect for the professional domain. It offers a wide variety of possibilities to connect, manage and control thousands of devices simultaneously, can go upto 10,000 plus nodes (wireless controllers) in ONE single network.

Security being one of the key concerns, the technology offers banking-level security with encrypted digital communication and strong offline procedures.

Approximately 90% or almost all of Abby Lighting fixtures can be equipped or retrofit with our solution, enabling smart architectural lighting in new and renovation projects across applications in commercial spaces, residences, hospitality, offices, retail, industrial segment, warehouses, factories, etc.

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