Our History
Designing and producing lighting systems has been our speciality since past 3 decades. Abby Lighting was founded on traditional values and high quality craftsmanship. We understand the commitment necessary to earn our client’s business and loyalty. Research, Development and Innovation are the three basic pillars upon which our business has been built & which satisfies our customer’s needs. We are one of India’s largest manufacturers of LED lighting fixtures. From over 85000 sq feet design and manufacturing facility, we provide tailored lighting solutions for industries across sector. From design to engineering and prototyping, all the way to production, to packaging and stocking… all under one roof.
The design Lab
Innovation is the essence of our heritage. We believe that great things never come from comfort zones. We constantly push boundaries to create contemporary products and designs which are inspired by architectural trends & advancing technologies.
At Abby, we manufacture and assemble 100% in our own factory, hence we are able to carry out custom developments & quickly respond to changes in designs. We work together with architects and designers to create the perfect lighting for every space.
Our value is in our production capability, and in the experience and skills of our people. From prototype through delivery, our production team is always on the cutting edge of the manufacturing process. Our purpose-built factory (SMT lines, pressure die casting, spinning, profile cutting, powder coating and various other CNC operations like bending, cutting, and turning) along with a motivated and trained workforce are synchronized to near perfection.
We believe that quality can only be achieved through in-house expertise with 100% commitment. We manufacture exclusively at our very own location in Palghar, Mumbai using state-of-the-art technologies.
As much as we focus on our design and on our customer, we pay equal attention to sustainable practices. We realize more than ever the immediate need to conserve our already-struggling environment, and amongst other significant measures, all our machinery is energy-efficient and routinely checked to ensure the same. As part of our commitment, our internal operations are regularly monitored & optimized to reduce any adverse impact on the environment. Investing in cleaner technologies, effective recycling measures, conservation of natural resources, are some of the best practices which are followed stringently. Being one of the pioneers in the country in LED manufacturing, we take pride in converting a lot of of our customers to the usage of LED lighting, thus reducing the carbon footprint & contributing to a greener environment.